ROTINGER – the optimal solution for electric owners

ROTINGER – optymalne rozwiązanie dla właścicieli elektryków

ROTINGER – the optimal solution for electric owners

Braking systems in electric cars wear differently than in combustion vehicles. Contrary to popular opinion, they also need to be serviced quite often, including periodic replacement of friction elements. The offer of ROTINGER discs meets the demand and offers very high-quality products at attractive prices.

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Too long service intervals cause problems
ROTINGER brake disc offer for the eV segment
ROTINGER meets expectations!

Sellers of electric cars often point out that these vehicles require much lower operating costs. For example, they point to the braking system and say that it wears much less than in combustion models, because “electrics” brake mainly with the engine. That’s true, but… not entirely. Indeed, the braking system is used much less often than in combustion models, but it is not entirely to its benefit. Mechanics are increasingly reporting problems with corrosion of individual elements and seizing of moving parts – such as guides or pistons. ROTINGER has the optimal solution for electric owners!

ROTINGER – the optimal solution for electric owners
ROTINGER – solution for electrician owners!

Too long service intervals cause problems

On the one hand, the recipe seems very simple – during each inspection, all you need to do is disassemble the moving parts, clean them and, where appropriate, lubricate them. On the other hand, many electric car users don’t have their cars serviced on a regular schedule because they don’t change the engine oil. In practice, electric cars go to the workshop once a year or even less often, unless there is a special excuse in the form of a fault. Electric vehicles imported, especially those from the American market, have even greater service backlogs. In their case, it turns out that one of the most urgent activities after purchase will be the replacement of brake discs and pads and the regeneration or at least cleaning and “activating” the calipers.

Thanks to ROTINGER‘s offer, these services do not have to be as expensive as when using original parts. It is very important that a lower price does not mean lower quality. The ROTINGER company has already proven itself by offering products that meet the high requirements of cars with high engine power. ROTINGER brake discs are also very popular in sports, especially where there are certain limitations in the starting budget and the available funds need to be divided wisely.

The ROTINGER brake disc offer for the eV segment includes:

  • high quality materials and maximum (within technological limits) corrosion protection
  • adapting materials to the increased average weight of electric vehicles
  • optimized friction surfaces for operation under high loads (emergency braking, braking on mountain descents, highway braking).

ROTINGER meets expectations!

The main threat to the braking systems of electric cars is their seizing and corrosion. This is due to the specific nature of use. During normal operation, the energy recovery system is responsible for reducing speed or slowing down. The service brakes are activated in the last phase of braking, mainly when it is necessary to, for example, completely stop the vehicle. It must not be forgotten that the braking system also works in situations of extreme load – e.g. when braking at high speed on the highway or on winding roads in the mountains. So we are dealing with a special situation here.

In everyday city driving, the brakes work at 20-30% of their capacity, which leads to them seizing or corroding, and during occasional trips on longer routes, extreme performance is expected from them. This is why the braking system in electric vehicles should be regularly serviced and worn parts should be replaced – e.g. the discs, even with a little to spare, so that they do not fail in a critical situation. The ROTINGER offer seems to be the perfect solution in this case.

ROTINGER brakes – the optimal solution for electric car owners. Check the offer!

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