Brake drums

In most contemporary cars brake drums are installed only at the rear axle and they play a complementary role. The use-up very slowly and many drivers tend to forget their existence. The situation changes diametrically, however, when the driver utilises their car fully loaded by passengers or load. Only then we realize, how important the brake drums are. The answer to drivers’ needs are ROTINGER brake drums – they proof best also if they have to work fully loaded.

The offer of the ROTINGER brand includes brake drums meant both for passenger and commercial cars. They are manufactured with latest technologies fulfilling requirements for the OEM parts. The production process is carried out according to all safety regulations.

The main advantages of ROTINGER brake drums:

  • more than 120 references
  • 90% coverage of the European market
  • weighting in parameters of 800
  • high durability
  • quality confirmed by certificates

Production of ROTINGER brake discs and drums is carried out according to precisely described, strict standards.

High quality of ROTINGER products is confirmed by numerous certificates

ROTINGER brand supports active motorized.

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