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ROTINGER is also a wide range of brake discs with integrated bearings and ABS sensor rings (mechanical or magnetic) popular in French cars.

Some French-made vehicles use brake discs with integrated (double-row) bearings on the rear axle. Such a solution introduced by the manufacturer ensures weight reduction, as the disc becomes a wheel hub, at the same time making it very difficult or even impossible to replace the disc without destroying the bearing. Therefore, a better and more recommended solution is to replace the disc together with the bearing.

ROTINGER sets also include a phonic wheel or a magnetic ring integrated in the dial. Their function is to ensure the proper functioning of the ABS system. 

ROTINGER offers 32 sets of brake discs with integrated bearings, covering 97% of the market demand!

The undoubted advantage of the set is the easier assembly and disassembly!

The brake disc kits with integrated bearings ROTINGER BS (bearing set) are available in both standard and tuning versions (assortment indexes marked with BS).

Production of ROTINGER brake discs and drums is carried out according to precisely described, strict standards.

High quality of ROTINGER products is confirmed by numerous certificates

ROTINGER brand supports active motorized.

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