Graphite line

Graphite line

ROTINGER GRAPHITE Line – premium class products with innovative anticorrosion layer. They will answer the needs of requiring users favoring dynamic driving style and attractive looks, whose priority is safety. The innovative anticorrosive layer is created in the process of galvanizing and special oil impregnation (assortment indexes with „GL” branding).

Advantages of the ROTINGER GRAPHITE Line:

  • over 1,500 references for brake discs and drums
  • innovative anticorrosive layer covering all the surfaces of the product (inner and outer)
  • longer life through higher anticorrosive durability (till 168h in the salt chamber – test acc. to ASTM B-117)
  • easy and fast installation (products do not require chemical cleaning from conservations)
  • attractive and original looks

Production of ROTINGER brake discs and drums is carried out according to precisely described, strict standards.

High quality of ROTINGER products is confirmed by numerous certificates

ROTINGER brand supports active motorized.

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