With a special Graphite protective coating.


We are talking about Rotinger discs

The article comes from the workshop.pl portal. December 2022.

The Polish manufacturer of brake discs wins new European markets. Already today, half of the production of the Union Parts company from Bobrowa near Dębica is exported, for the time being mainly to neighboring countries, but the activity at the fair abroad is intended to open the markets of Western European countries. In Poland, Rotinger discs are also very popular, not only in the world of tuning.

The company has been operating since 2005, has 100% Polish capital, and the production of brake discs is its main activity. According to Bartłomiej Kolbusz, President of the Management Board of Union Parts, this results in the high quality of these products. “We are specialists in this field,” he emphasizes.

In a competitive market

– We know the production of brake discs. At its various stages, we conduct qualitative research and we have very good results. Of course, the greatest value of our discs, which also distinguishes them on the market, is a special anti-corrosion coating – Graphite. This coating was created during research and development works carried out jointly with the Rzeszów University of Technology. It is a unique, patented technology – says Bartłomiej Kolbusz. As he adds – the coating primarily extends the life of the disc and the time of its use, but also improves driving comfort. Over the life of the wheel, as corrosion multiplies, additional rotating masses develop, which often causes the wheel to run out. Thanks to our coating, we minimize the effects of this problem.

Of course, other manufacturers also use technologies to protect discs against corrosion, but as our interlocutors point out, these coatings are most often applied by competitors using spray painting. Rotinger discs, on the other hand, are protected by immersion. The coating therefore covers both their external and internal surfaces.

Bartłomiej Kolbusz

Brake friction pair

The company’s offer includes about 1.4 thousand brake disc indices, which translates into about 90% coverage of the car park in Europe. Rotinger can also deliver discs for individual orders for special cars or, for example, oldtimers.

The premiere of brake pads with the Rotinger logo took place at the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt. – This is a response to the needs of customers who were looking for recommended products tailored to our targets. Currently, we offer 300 indices, and in the coming months we will reach 600 – says the president of the company. He adds that from the very beginning the company emphasizes that it is not a manufacturer of these products. – We are a specialist in the production of brake discs. We have been looking for a manufacturer of pads that will work optimally with our discs for 1.5 years. The supplier was a well-known and respected manufacturer in the industry and a leader in innovation in the field of friction materials – Roulunds Braking. This is a company that responded to our quality and logistics requirements in the best way.

In Poland and Europe

Rotinger products are delivered to garages and individual customers through a network of local distributors and two major players – the Hart wholesaler from Opole and Auto Euro from Lublin. However, due to the company’s large presence in the tuning industry, the products are also available for direct sale from the manufacturer – whether via Allegro, the Brakecenter company online store (where we can choose the product by VIN number) or the customer service office, by e-mail and by phone . In Western European markets, customers can purchase Rotinger discs via the Amazon platform.

This year we took part in the fair in Frankfurt, and in December we will be at the Essen Motor Show tuning industry, which confirms that we have big ambitions and plans related to Western European markets – says Bartłomiej Kolbusz.

Returning to the domestic backyard, company representatives emphasize that Rotinger offers a special discount system for garages, as well as deliveries the next day after placing an order. For details, please contact your local distributors or contact customer service directly.

Workshops operating in the tuning sector are a large group of customers for Rotinger discs. The company has 7 designs of brake discs for this group of customers.

Many drivers think that in order to undertake brake tuning, it is necessary to interfere with the braking system, replace calipers, etc. We met such needs. We install our tuning discs in exactly the same way as original or replacement discs. You do not need to change anything to gain a very original look and better braking efficiency – emphasizes our interlocutor. Price shelf of the Rotinger brand? – We position our product in the middle price range, but most importantly – this price is followed by high quality and uniqueness. This quality and uniqueness is also promoted by the company in motorsport. Last year, we established cooperation with rally driver Wojtek Goździewicz, who, among others, on our brakes won the title of Polish champion in the historical class, winning, among others, Rzeszów Rally or Vistula Rally. We also support Hubert Laśkiewicz and other young prospective rally drivers – emphasizes Rafał Poraj-Koźmiński, member of the management board of Union Parts.

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