Rotinger brand certificates


Products of the ROTINGER brand, which specializes in the production of brake discs and brake drums, are not new in the auto parts market. Among the advantages, the products also have disadvantages, as well as the products of competing companies. It is worth noting that all components of the Rotinger have various certificates.

1. ISO 9001. The presence of this document indicates that the company complies with international requirements and quality control standards. This certificate is fundamental to the ISO 16949 standard. It contains additions specific to the automotive industry.

2. the ISO 14001 certificate indicates that the products meet environmental standards.

3. TUV. The presence of this certificate confirms that the production process, as well as the products produced, are guaranteed to be studied and controlled by independent certification bodies.

Also, the products of the Rotinger brand have an EAC certificate, which confirms that the products produced meet the standards applicable on the Russian market. Union Parts is listed in the TecDoc catalog. This ensures accurate, prompt familiarization with the application of a specific product and its technical specification.

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