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ROTINGER offers the broadest range of tuning brake discs on the market. ROTINGER tuning brake discs – as the only ones in this price class – are available in five paragons. Their asset – apart from perfect physical parameters – is the extremely attractive design, attracting all tuning fans.

Depending on preferences, the customer can obtain a perforated disc, a cut disc or a cut and perforated disc – and all that in several different configurations. All drillings are executed so that they guarantee the best possible cooling of the discs. The attractive cuts have also been designed intentionally. Their patterns guarantee effective cleaning of brake pads from the surface layers, created during their work (residues, „glassy surface”).

Advantages of ROTINGER Tuning brake discs:

  • advanced material formula
  • digital processing technology
  • advanced finish technologies, like drilling/perforating or cutting
  • shorter braking distance
  • more effective draining of pollutions and gases
  • faster cooling
  • longer life

ROTINGER Tuning products are meant for:

  • drivers favouring dynamic driving style, for whom safety is a priority
  • motorsports fans just entering the world of rallies
  • tuning fans seeking strikingly looking brake discs which are also safe and modern

The original design pattern of ROTINGER brake discs is a result of research and tests – it can not be reproduced on one’s own on any brake discs. Each new pattern of ROTINGER brake discs is tested in extreme conditions, where full exploitation safety can be confirmed.