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Where can I buy Rotinger products?

The Polish brand Rotinger is one of the leaders in the production of components for brake systems – brake drums, brake discs with pads of various modifications (standard type, tuning). The products are not new, but they occupy a certain niche in the auto parts market. It is available in European markets, but you can also buy brake discs or drums in Russia and Ukraine.

To ensure that customers do not have any difficulties when ordering the necessary parts, the site in the appropriate section contains information about branches, as well as about:

— serving retail customers in the European Union;

— issues related to the export of products.

To contact a representative of the company, the site contains phone numbers, and the client can also write an email. The constant availability of all models of components allows you to quickly create an order and carry out its prompt delivery. In addition to standard components, the Union Parts company specializes in the manufacture of individual structural elements or sets, to order according to individual customer parameters.